Marina di Cala del Forte

Since: 2021
Moorings: 50

Stunning ultra-modern, state-of-the-art marina located in Ventimiglia, just 15-20 minutes from Monaco (7.9 nautical miles).

Naturally protected from the elements and with access strictly monitored from land, it is the perfect sister marina to nearby Port Hercule and Port de Fontvieille.

In addition, Cala del Forte is among the most advanced, best-equipped and safest ports in the Mediterranean and holds the title of the longest concession in the Mediterranean, with a duration of up to 2094. It is also unique in its ring design, which in addition to its rarity is appreciable for the incredible harmony it creates with the surrounding nature.

Ventimiglia’s picturesque scenery, favorable climate, famous farmers’ markets…

excellent restaurants, wide variety of stores, luxury services, and endless activities make every stay a special experience.

Also unique is the connecting service that allows travel from Ventimiglia to the Principality of Monaco: regular maritime transfers aboard a high-speed shuttle between Port Hercule and Cala del Forte (a 15-minute trip from one port to the other), allow owners and their guests quick and exclusive access to the two maritime jewels of the Riviera of Flowers and the French Riviera.