About Us

Welcome to Palo Santo, the brightest place in the Riviera

BY Gruppo Mordisco: www.gruppomordisco.it

In the splendid scenery of Marina di Cala del Forte

Palo Santo wants to be the bright place under which you can disconnect from everyday life, the port island where you can imagine a trip to faraway countries, or simply with loved ones. To do this we thought of a kitchen open from early morning to late evening, a room where it is pleasant to linger, a menu to explore from time to time.

We then traced a thread that, like the motion of the Sun, would be born here, in the Riviera of Flowers, but would rise in the Costa Brava, kingdom of tapas, and set in South America, home of the best barbecue.

But we went further: we couldn’t have a pleasant place without happy collaborators. Our team is made up not only of the best professionals, but the best people: the ones who know that it’s smiles that make a venue the brightest place.